About Us
About Us
ABGREEN — It's people first and foremost
  • Аnna Benuzh
    Founder and head of ABGREEN
    "The harmonious coexistence of man, nature, and technology is the basis of my approach to the architecture of life."

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  • Andrew Benuzh
    Founder of the "green" trend in Russia
    President of ABGREEN
    "Truly happy is the one who has found his destiny and goes with it all his life, for me that's the 'green' direction."

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Our team
  • Viktoria Reshetnikova
    Manager of "green" projects
  • Svetlana Chuprynina
    Designer of "green" projects
  • Alexandra Demina
    Evaluator of "green" projects
  • Alexander Silin
    Marketer of "green" projects
Collaboration with ABGREEN allows you to combine art and technology in a "green" project to create environmentally friendly and resource-efficient human environment
Our mission
We implement architectural and construction projects, taking into account the principles of sustainable development. We adhere to international "green" standards, developing national standards, confirming compliance through certification, fighting greenwashing. We conduct research, prepare publications and provide training on "green" topics. We form a socially responsible community and support environmental initiatives.

Our company values

  • Develop dynamically, preserving traditions

  • To implement innovations, achieving synergy

  • Create a comfortable environment, increasing life expectancy

  • Analyze life cycle costs and impacts

  • Reliability and long-term cooperation

  • Transparency of business conduct

  • Family values
What's special about ABGREEN
  • Switching to a Green Economy
    Calculating the life-cycle costs of projects and their impact on the environment
  • Creating a Green
    We hold an annual conference to discuss the development of green technology
  • Developing Green
    We design and evaluate facilities according to our "green" state standards
  • Taking Care of Green Education
    We train and upgrade the skills of our employees from zero to "green" professionals in our institute
Our partners
We are proud to work with the best and most reliable partners who share our green values
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