• Andrew Benuzh
    The first scientist in Russia on "green" construction and ideologist of "green" standardization in Russia and the EAEC

- Civil Engineer, MEng, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Advisor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences
- Secretary of TC 366,
- BREEAM + AP assessor and AG supervisor in Russia,
- Consultant LEED V4 BD+C and O+M,
- DGNB Professional
Work Experience:

- Head of the Scientific and Educational Center "Green Standards" of the National Research University of Moscow State University of Science and Technology.
- Head of the Department. "Design of healthy living environment" IMM.
- Head of lab. Head of the Department of "Urban Development" National Research University Higher School of Economics
- Researcher at the Research Institute of SF and TSNIIP MEP of Russia
- Head of "Standardization and certification" ANO Ecopark
- Head of "Regulatory and town-planning support" Fund DOM.RF
- Head of "Mortgage Market Development" JSC DOM.RF

- First Russian BREEAM appraiser
- Author of more than 50 scientific publications, patents, studies
- Organizer and participant of more than 100 conferences and exhibitions
- Ideologist and developer of more than 10 national "green" GOST R standards
- Adaptation and translation into Russian of BREEAM, assessment of buildings according to BREEAM Rus
- Initiator and developer of ТC 366 "Green technologies of living environment and green innovative products
- Co-author of the Russian Green Taxonomy for axis 3. Construction
- Shaped the approach for launching green mortgages in Russia
- Developer of the system of national "green" standards of the Russian Federation until 2030
Public and expert activities:

- Member of the Board of RuGBC Green Building Council
- Expert on standardization in the Russian Federation
- Expert of the national project "Ecology" on ecological tourism and biodiversity
- Expert of the Regulatory Guillotine mechanism in the directions: "Land and Real Estate", "Metrology", "Forestry", "Ecology", "Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being"
Detailed chronology
Physics and Mathematics class at Gagarin School No. 1
Admission to MGSU with a specialization in environmental safety of construction
Installer, foreman, foreman, site manager on construction sites in the MO
Technologist, construction control
Sales representative of a Swiss company in Russia
MGSU Master's Degree: The Beginning of a Scholar's Career
  • 1st place at the conference "Construction - the formation of the living environment" see certificate
  • The first scientific publication "The model of estimation of quality and forecasting of a condition of the environment by the system of differential equations", reviewed by HAC
  • Red diploma with honors from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
  • Certificate of MEng Russian Commission for International Accreditation of Building Specialties
  • Admission to graduate school on specialty "Environmental safety of construction and urban economy
  • International certificate of advanced training at the Russian Academy of Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation "Environmental Protection Management. Legal and Regulatory Support".
  • Full member of the Moscow State University Green Building Council
  • Recipient of the Russian President's scholarship for studying abroad
  • Studied in the UK in the field of "Built and Natural Environment"
  • Training at BRE Global, awarding the license of international assessor BREEAM
  • Awarded a certificate of international professional DGNB
  • Opened and led the laboratory for the development and implementation of national "green" standards at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
  • Scientific publication "Principles of public policy in the formation of a national green building standard for real estate valuation
  • Speech at the State Duma of the Russian Federation "Green Houses of Russia
  • Scientific publication "Review and Classification of Rating Systems for Certification of Buildings and Structures"
  • Dissertation "Ecological and economic model of the building life cycle of a building on the basis of "green" building concept".
  • Awarding of academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences
  • Scientific publication "Housing and society: the need for progressive sustainability indicators for societal sustainability
  • LEED V4, BD+C, O+M certificates awarded
  • The first BREEAM certificate was awarded to a Russian company.
  • Winner of the Russian Federation President's Energy Efficiency Scholarship
  • Scientific publication "Selection of the most appropriate and energy-efficient scheme for Russia between BREEAM and LEED
  • Speech in the Russian State Duma "Certification of green construction objects".
  • Assistant Deputy of the Moscow State Duma
  • Member of Moscow Commission on Environmental Policy
  • Scientific publication "The process of commissioning of the building according to the BREEAM standard".
  • Textbook "Integrated Safety in Construction"
  • Monograph "Managing the construction of economy-class housing based on the total cost of the life cycle contracts
  • Ideologist and developer of TC 366 "Green environmental technologies".
  • Organizer of Memorandum of Understanding between Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and BRE Global
  • Founder and head of Scientific and Educational Center "Environmental safety "green" standards and technologies of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
  • Obtained the Certificate of Advisor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences
  • Advanced training "Environmental safety".
  • Co-author of "Natural Science Dictionary for Construction Workers".
  • Co-author of the textbook "surveying"
  • Co-author of "Engineering Ecology" textbook
  • Speech at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, "Legislative Issues in Implementation of Energy and Resource Saving and Environmentally Safe (Green) Technologies and Productions in the Russian Federation".
  • Responsible for BREEAM adaptation in Russia
  • Passing BREEAM AP exam
  • Visiting professor in Slovenia
  • Management of BREEAM assessment for landscaping of a pedestrian route along Yauza River in Moscow
  • Scientific publication "Classification of industrial zones in Moscow taking into account the current renovation program and ecological principles
  • Expert of NP "Ecology" on "Conservation of biological diversity and the development of eco-tourism
  • Member of the RuGBC Green Building Council
  • Lecturer in North Korea "Designing a green residential house".
  • Recipient of the Russian Presidential Scholarship for Modernization of the Russian Economy
  • Advanced Professional Training "Modern Information Technologies"
  • Development and implementation of BREEAM AG in Russia
  • Certificate "Standards for Harmonious Spaces
  • Advanced training "Development of environmental technology programs".
  • Head of the Laboratory "Institute of Construction and Housing and Communal Services" National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Certificate of participation in "Cities of the Future" at MIT-ADT
  • Regulatory guillotine expert in the areas of: "Land and Real Estate", "Metrology", "Forestry", "Ecology", "Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being"
  • Developer of the first national "green" standards
  • Developer of GOST R 58875-2020 "Vegetated and maintained roofs of buildings and structures. Technical and environmental requirements.
  • Head of the department "Design of healthy living environment" IMM
  • Co-founder and head of department "Standardization and certification" ANO "Ecopark
  • Received the title of associate professor in the specialty "Environmental Safety of Construction and Urban Economy"
  • Head of "Regulatory and Town Planning Support" of the DOM.RF Foundation
  • Developer of GOST R 59370-2021 "Green" standards. Planting material of ornamental plants".
  • Senior researcher at the Central Research Institute for Scientific Research of the Ministry of Construction of Russia.
  • Assessment of residential complex in Moscow according to BREEAM Rus
  • Services for the implementation of the Urban Health approach in the projects of urban policy and construction of the city of Moscow
  • Head of Mortgage Market Development of DOM.RF
  • Approval of the green mortgage procedure for the Bank of Russia
  • Report on "green" standards at the Government Commission for Regional Development in the Russian Federation and for Technical Regulation in Construction
  • Co-author of the criteria for sustainable (including green) development projects in the Russian Federation in the field of construction
  • Responsible for the development and updating of "green" standards until 2030
  • Development of the Fishermen's PlaySchool LLC organization standard for environmentally safe educational institutions
  • Developer of GOST R 70319-2022 "Green" standards. Rainwater harvesting system: treatment, storage, use
  • Developer of GOST R 70339-2022 "Green" standards. Financing construction activities for sustainable development. Framework and principles
  • Developer GOST R 70346-2022 "Green" standards. Multifamily residential "green" buildings. Assessment methods and criteria for design, construction and operation
  • Monographs "Sustainable development of territories on the basis of ecologically-oriented life cycles of construction
  • Development of certification systems for national "green" standards
  • Assessment of residential complexes in accordance with GOST R for "green" MFBs
  • Training of experts for the design and assessment of "green" MFBs
Launch of ABGreen.org
Certification according to "green" GOST R standards
Development of national "green" standards GOST R
Scientific research:

- Development of the concept of "green" construction for the formation of national standards of "green" construction to ensure environmental safety of construction activities
- Research to update the regulatory and technical framework in the field of environmental safety of construction and comfort of buildings, taking into account the use of "green" technology
- Development of methods for calculating the life cycle of the residential building, taking into account the cost of the total cost
- Development of technical and environmental requirements for the "green roof" device to improve energy efficiency and comfort of the constructed and reconstructed buildings
- Scientific and methodological basis for the development of environmental safety assessment criteria in the renovation of industrial zones and urban areas on the basis of "green" standardization principles
Research articles:
Popular science publications
National Green Standards: The Beginning of the Way
The regulatory vacuum that has existed up to this point in green building seems to be starting to...
On November 22, the International Multimedia Press Center of the Moscow News Agency "Russia Today" hosted a...
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As a result of continuous work, the first national "Green Standards" have been developed by the staff of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
On Wednesday, March 31, at the international exhibition MosBuild 2021 there will be a presentation of GOST R 59370-2021 "Green" standards
The purpose of the memorandum is to support and develop environmental safety in the design, construction, operation and reconstruction of buildings and structures in Russia.
On Saturday, September 26, students and teachers of architecture and civil engineering universities gathered in the co-working room on the bank of the Setun River at the border of Meshchersky Park.
Moscow. June 8. Interfax-Nedvizhimost - Russian property developers have difficulties with...
Portal ERZ.RF held an online round table on the scope of GOST R 70346-2022 "Green" standards.
  • Exhibitions and conferences

  • Speech on the topic: Eco Universities of the XXI century: development of the draft standard for the "green" campus, the third inter-university environmental festival VUZEKOFEST 2017, 18.04.2017, Moscow.
  • Speech on the topic: Adaptation of the international "green" building standard BREEAM to Russia at MGSU, International Forum and exhibition of high-rise and unique construction 100+, 05.10.2017, Yekaterinburg.
  • Speech on the topic: Environmental policy of Russia 2030 on the example of the city of Moscow, Interregional Environmental Forum "Green Standards - Sustainable Development", 15.03.2017, Rostov-on-Don.
  • Speech on the topic: Adapting the international "green standard" BREEAM in Russia, Investing in a sustainable future - from green dividends to green buildings, 01.12.2017, Sochi.
  • Speech on the topic: Program of national standardization of green technologies, the business program of the international exhibition-forum of the best available technologies "greentechexpo", November 8, 2018, Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.
  • Speech on: Universities and Green Education, 4th International Conference "Green Office. Green City", December 7, 2018, Moscow, VDNH, Smart City pavilion
  • Speech on: "Evaluation of the Golovinsky district renovation area according to the international environmental standard BREEAM Communities", ECOLOGICAL STUDENT FORUM, November 15, 2018, Moscow, MArCHI.
  • Speech on: Program of national standardization of TC 366 on "green standards", XXXV - Moscow forum and exhibition "Moscow - energoeffective city", October 24, 2018. The building of the Moscow government.
  • Speech on the topic: "Current environmental problems of construction and state environmental expertise", IX International Forum ECOLOGY, March 22, 2018, Moscow, Radisson Royal, Moscow.
  • Speech on: "Green" standards in construction, All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Function, design, environment in the architecture of buildings," April 25-26, 2019, Moscow.
  • Speech on the topic: GOST R "GREEN" STANDARDS. Greened and maintained roofs of buildings and structures. Technical and environmental requirements. Theme code PNS: 1.0.366-1.007.18, International construction and interior exhibition BATIMAT, March 12-15, 2019, Moscow.
  • Speech on the topic: Comfortable environment. New standards. The new demands of the citizen. International Conference GREENFEST, 10-12 October 2019, Vladivostok.
  • Speech on the topic: Moderated the online conference "Biohacking for offices" with the participation of Dr. Te-Lichenko V.I., Dr. Danilov A.B. and spoke on "The development of national "green" standards for the formation of a comfortable living environment. 04.06.2020
  • Moderator of the online discussion "Health-saving technologies" with Dr. Danilov A.B. and spoke on "Development of GOST R "Green standards. Assessing the impact of environmental parameters on human health" 16.07.2020.
  • He spoke at the III Climate Forum of the cities of Russia with the report "Mechanisms of the national project" Environment "by the example of Moscow" 05.09.2019.
  • He spoke on the topic: "Development of national green environmental standards in the Technical Committee for Standardization № 366" at the III International Scientific Conference "Modern metropolis: a green economy of a smart city" on 19.11.2019.
  • He spoke at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Function, Design, Environment in the Architecture of Buildings" with the report "Green Standards in Construction" on 25.04.2019.
  • Speaker on "Criteria for evaluating the environmental safety of land use in the renovation of industrial areas" at the annual scientific and practical conference "Potapovsky readings" on 25.04.2019.
  • He spoke at the MIIGAiK at the ECOLOGICAL FORUM of STUDENTS with the report "National standards of "green" construction" 24.10.2019.
  • He spoke at the X International Forum "ECOLOGY" for the working session "Green building - new standards for quality of life" 26.03.2019.
  • He spoke at the international conference GreenFest-2019 with the report "Kom-comfortable environment. New standards. New demands of the citizen" on 10.09.2019.
  • He spoke at the 6th International Conference on Future Cities, with the topic on Salutogenic design with healthcare approaches to indoor environment for office premises at MIT University of Arts, Design and Technology in India (certificate of participation will be uploaded in the files) on 19.12.2019.
  • Speech on the topic: Green Building. Action Plan ("Roadmap")" on the development of "green" standards in the field of construction until 2024, IX International Construction Forum and Exhibition "100+ TechnoBuild", 21.10.2022, Ekaterinburg-ECPO. Russia, Ekaterinburg
  • Speech on: Apartment Buildings "Green". Practical application of GOST R 70346-2022 "Green" standards, Round table on the scope of GOST R 70346-2022 "Green" standards. 01.11.2022, Online (Portal ERZ.RF).

  • Speech on the topic: Adapting to the new reality of the design and construction of "green" apartment buildings according to GOST R 70346-2022, Conference "Construction and design: adaptation to the new reality," 25.11.2022, TECHNOGRAD, pav. 320 "Urban", Prospekt Mira, VDNH.